Saints beat up Bucs, steal their lunch money, and take their girl on national TV

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November 11, 2020
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Trey Hendrickson celebrates a sack as the Saints rout Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Trey Hendrickson celebrates a sack as the Saints rout Tom Brady and the Bucs.
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Welp, there is no better way to say this: last night proved who the best team in the NFC South has always been.

The Saints beat the Buccaneers like a church musician beats a bass drum during a praise break. Can we change it to this?

Tampa Bay got smacked like a cheating husband in a Lifetime movie. New Orleans beat down Tom Brady and the Bucs like they robbed their Beignets off Bourbon Street. The final score was 38-3, but it wasn’t that close.

Last night was an embarrassment. On national television we saw the Buccaneers get bullied, beat up, and have their lunch money stolen over three hours. The Saints’ defensive line tortured Brady in the pocket by getting penetration from the front four while the secondary played excellent on the backend covering Tampa’s playmakers.

The Buccaneers could never get into a rhythm the entire night. Receivers were dropping passes, Brady was throwing prayers into the sky that God refused to answer, and the defense got completely manhandled all night.

Drew Brees threw for 4 touchdown passes to take back the all-time touchdown lead from Brady and the Saints rushing game had nearly 140 yards on the ground. Brady would finish the game with three interceptions and just over 200 yards passing. Not even the highly anticipated debut of Antonio Brown gave Tampa a boost. Brown had only three catches for 31 yards.

As we all know, this isn’t the first time that the Saints have completely punked their new NFC South rival. In the first game of the season, New Orleans dominated the Buccaneers in the Superdome but it was nowhere this level of trouncing.

If anything has been proven clear by last night’s events it’s that New Orleans seems to have a recipe to beat this talented Buccaneers team. And while I don’t expect Brady and the Bucs to get 35-pieced again by New Orleans in a potential playoff matchup, beatdowns like this don’t happen by accident. Y’all better quit counting out this team from Nola.

The Saints are the best team in this division and have the Bucs figured out.

Tampa Bay better adjust, fast.

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