Man jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing two girls during weekend visits

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Rex Munn has been jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing two girls.

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Rex Munn has been jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing two girls.

A young girl says her life has been changed forever after she was repeatedly sexually abused by a man her family thought they could trust.

She has stopped wearing skirts and shorts, has almost no trust in men and feels unsafe in public due to Rex Munn’s actions.

Munn, 69, was still in denial when sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court on Wednesday to 12 years’ jail.

He told a pre-sentence report writer he still denied sexually offending against two girls.

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He was found guilty of 24 charges after a trial in September before Judge Jonathan Krebs, without a jury.

The two girls stayed with him at different times.

He offended against one once, but the other multiple times.

The judge said Munn’s offending involved “virtually the whole gamut of sexual acts”, with the girl he offended against the most coming to expect it each time she was at his house.

The mother of one of the children confronted Munn after learning what had happened, and he said he was embarrassed if the allegation were true and asked how he could make it right.

He had been drinking heavily at the time, sometimes blacking out, while mourning the death of his wife.

The trial was played a video between Munn and a police officer, during which he told police “put me down” if he had committed the crimes.

“That’s what I would deserve.”

Defence lawyer Fergus Steedman said he was not sure at one stage if Munn, who has various serious health problems, would still be alive when sentenced.

Munn, who could die in prison, still denies any offending against the two girls.

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Munn, who could die in prison, still denies any offending against the two girls.

“He has lived for the last 18 months knowing that he might die in prison.

“Today, that is very much a reality.”

It would be a struggle for Munn to get parole since he denied the crimes, which meant it appeared he did not have remorse.

“The Parole Board will look at him as being a man in the final years of his life who has posed a danger to the young people whom he has associated and who could be expected to fall into that category,” Steedman said.

He married again a week after his trial and had no money to offer for emotional harm reparation.

The judge referenced victim impact statements from the parents of the children, saying they each had feelings of guilt about what happened.

One could not sleep without thinking about what Munn had done, another was harmed by Munn’s breach of trust, while a third hoped Munn would realise the massive effect of his offending.

Although Munn’s offending was serious, his sentence was discounted slightly due to his ill health and lack of other convictions.

The judge considered imposing a minimum term above the usual one-third, but decided the Parole Board would be best placed to decide if Munn should be released early.

Munn was also given a first-strike warning for serious violent and sexual offenders.

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