Business as usual? The State of The Bachelorette now that Tayshia Adams is here

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November 11, 2020
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What’s the best way to irritate a bunch of already irritated guys? Add more guys.

Tayshia Adams made her official debut as the Bachelorette tonight and while Clare Crawley‘s annoyed rejects were thrilled to see her, they got a lot less thrilled when they found out there were more guys to come. There were only four more guys to come, but still—more guys meant less time to talk to Tayshia.

But Tayshia understood what was up, so after new guy Spencer stole her heart and her first impression rose, she canceled the first rose ceremony and all of the guys got to continue on to the first round of Tayshia dates, starting with a perfect follow-up to Clare’s dodgeball date.

Basically, it’s a good thing Yosef was already long gone, because things got a little horny once again as the men were forced to wear uniforms of speedos and headbands as they played volleyball in the pool. Once again, only the winning team got to hang out with the Bachelorette, but there was at least a little less complaining this time around.

In better news, Tayshia and Brendan really connected over the fact that they both went through a divorce in their early ’20s and they were both really nervous to tell each other about it, and then they kissed in front of some fireworks.

So here’s where we stand after one full night of Tayshia: This is no Clare and Dale situation. Tayshia did not appear to fall in love upon first sight and she’s got her eye on a couple of different guys. What that means is that we are actually learning the names of more of these guys than just Bennett and Eazy. We can now recognize Spencer, Ivan, Riley, Blake, and maybe a few others if we had to.

We also now know that the dates around here are reeeallly limited. Riding horses around a pool is a real stretch for a date and we’re basically back on episode one again. Hopefully the producers did some real creative work from here on out to come up with pandemic-safe dates to go on.

Basically, this is now just a normal season of The Bachelorette minus four episodes and the ability to go anywhere. As much as we enjoyed the romantic chaos of the last four weeks, we could get used to this.


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