This bonkers trick shot during The Masters practice round is like something out of ‘Happy Gilmore’

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November 10, 2020
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November 10, 2020

I respect the heck out of Jon Rahm. At a time the world’s focus is split in a million different directions, he was like “YOU WILL ALL PAY ATTENTION TO GOLF THIS INSTANT!”

Skipping the ball on 16 during the practice round is an Augusta tradition ahead of The Masters, but we really, really don’t see people make shots like this during what would otherwise be a goofy way to relieve stress before the drama of everything.

I’ll admit, I’m no golf expert. The last time I went golfing I tore my hands up for three weeks because I didn’t wear gloves, then almost flipped the cart. It was at that time I learned it was a patient, dignified sport that required the utmost care and attention — no qualities I possess. That said, skipping the ball seems difficult enough. Skipping it across a wide body of water, even tougher. Skipping the ball across a wide body of water, accurately, and netting a hole-in-one in the process? Best sports clip I’ve seen this month.

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