If you want championship teams to visit the White House again, vote For Biden/Harris

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The 2016 World Series Champs Chicago Cubs hang out with President Barack Obama at the White House.

The 2016 World Series Champs Chicago Cubs hang out with President Barack Obama at the White House.
Image: (AP)

Steph Curry is generally liked by everybody. Well, unless you’re this guy…

Since Trump has occupied the Oval, the tradition of championship teams visiting the White House – which started in 1869 – has become quite the newsworthy and complicated story.

What used to be a time-honored tradition, regardless of what party the presidency belonged to, where teams looked forward to taking a tour of the White House, getting their picture taken with the Commander-in-Chief, and creating memories that last a lifetime, isn’t the case anymore.

Teams are either opting out of going due to the ramifications of the trip, aren’t getting invited due to the gender or race of their roster, or are like the Golden State Warriors and are turning down the offer before they even get officially invited.

Instead of asking the Super Bowl MVP if they’re excited about going to Disney World, we’re questioning them about their teams’ White House plans. Long gone are the days when the First Lady was making fun videos with the Miami Heat and dunking on NBA players.

In 2005, Kanye West told us that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Two years later, the University of Florida’s majority Black football team was all smiles when they visited Bush at the White House.

Here’s the link.

Click it and watch the clip. Those kids are happy to be there.

Those were good times.

Now, we have a “President” that prefers to serve fast food to some of the best athletes on the planet, extends invitations to hockey teams that have rosters with only a few Americans and are led by Russians, and chooses to ignore teams that are coached by and made up of Black women.

But, there’s a solution.

An election is currently taking place and there’s an option on the ticket that could change things. Vote Biden/Harris. They’re the only option that could make the White House great again.

Check out some photos of when things weren’t so bleak.

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