49ers shut down team facilities after positive COVID-19 test

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The 49ers play the Packers tomorrow.

The 49ers play the Packers tomorrow.
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Once again, the NFL is an embarrassment to society.

The latest NFL team to potentially have a COVID-19 outbreak are the 49ers.

Team facilities were closed Wednesday after a round of COVID testing returned positive results.

This is a precarious time for the Niners, considering they are supposed to host the Green Bay Packers at Levi Stadium tomorrow on Thursday Night Football. Daily game prep will continue virtually.

We’ve all seen how this story goes. Even if there are only one or two positive tests that arise from this round of testing, there should still be a concern about whether we have isolated everyone who might have contracted this disease.

Every time one of these “potential” COVID-19 outbreak stories emerges, it takes me back to why is football being played in the first place?

Over the last month, Las Vegas, Tennessee, and New England have all had COVID-19 flare-ups, yet the NFL’s mindset continues to be “business as usual.”

We don’t yet know who on the Niners has tested positive for COVID, but this just piles on to the long list of reasons not to trust the NFL. The health and safety of players has never been a concern to Roger Goddell or his colleagues.

The Niners game this week could be postponed, but watching how the NFL has handled outbreaks this season, I don’t have much faith in that happening.

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