Covid-19: More than 100 returnees granted leave from isolation on medical grounds

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October 31, 2020
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October 31, 2020

More than 100 international returnees have been granted leave from managed isolation on medical grounds.

Data from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) shows that between April 11 and October 7, 152 people were allowed to self-isolate at home, or were taken to a healthcare facility for medical reasons.

The information was released to Stuff after it was revealed in August a pair from south Auckland were in self-isolation at home on medical grounds.

Since April 9, it has been mandatory for all arrivals into New Zealand to go into a managed isolation and quarantine facility.

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The Ministry of Health took care of exemptions between April 11 and July 13 before they were transferred to MBIE.

Army personnel guard the front of the Rydges Hotel in Auckland's CBD which is used as a Covid-19 isolation facility.

Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Army personnel guard the front of the Rydges Hotel in Auckland’s CBD which is used as a Covid-19 isolation facility.

Between April 11 and July 13, the Ministry of Health granted a total of 147 medical exemptions.

Of these, 90 people felt their needs could not be met in managed isolation and asked to self-isolate in the community, 52 people needed urgent medical treatment (were medevaced) and five were transferred to a healthcare facility.

“The majority of medevac and medical transfer exemptions return to managed isolation or quarantine after they are discharged until their 14-day mandatory isolation period is complete,” the Ministry’s Bena Hynes said.

Between July 13 and October 7, MBIE approved a total of five applications to self-isolate at home. All five applications were for medical reasons.

Air Commodore Darryn Webb said all of these people were closely monitored and supported to ensure they were complying with the conditions of their exemption.

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