Trevor Lawrence should pull an Eli Manning because the Jets are the Jets (all the way!)

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Trevor Lawrence has a play here.

Trevor Lawrence has a play here.
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Trevor Lawrence should avoid the New York Jets at all costs.

Suiting up for this embarrassment of an organization, which has shown a complete ineptitude at creating an environment that talented players want to thrive in, would be one of the biggest mistakes of the 21-year-old’s life.

Lawrence has the rare power right now to completely control his NFL future, a gift that only a handful of players have had coming into this league. He should refuse to settle to play for any organization that has shown it will not prioritize putting him in the best position to be successful.

The Jets have struggled to put and keep players around their last Top 5 quarterback pick, Sam Darnold. They have also shown by their horrendous acquisition of head coach Adam “Potato” Gase that they don’t know how to choose a decision-maker with an offensive scheme that doesn’t resemble the simplicity of NFL Street on GameCube.

The Jets are near the bottom of the league in total offense, passing offense, and sacks allowed. This is not a promising situation for any young quarterback especially when that quarterback won’t have the ability to lean on their defense or running game because the team continues to get rid of its most talented players.

And while most teams picking at the top of the draft are usually terrible, there’s a difference between a year or two of stumbling and being a complete organizational disaster. Including the likely failure of this season, the Jets will have had one winning season in ten years and will have not made the playoffs since 2010.

That’s when Lawrence was in elementary school.

If Lawrence uses his power to dictate the best possible landing spot for his services he would have a few options.

Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who was in the same position as Lawrence, chose to return to Knoxville for his senior season to avoid being drafted by the Jets. Manning was drafted the next season by the Colts and the rest is history. Even if Lawrence did sustain an injury in his senior season at Clemson, his draft stock wouldn’t fall that drastically. Just look at what happened to Tua Tagovailoa last year. After a gruesome hip injury, he was still selected fifth overall by the Dolphins and will start on November 1 against the Rams after Miami’s bye week.

Eli Manning forced a trade on draft day in 2004 because he didn’t want to play with the San Diego Chargers and now he’s a two-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP.

John Elway drinks up to avoiding the Colts.

John Elway drinks up to avoiding the Colts.
Image: (AP)

John Elway even threatened to play baseball so he didn’t have to play for the Colts when they drafted him in 1983. He was eventually traded to Denver and became one of the best to ever play the position.

All of these quarterbacks had the power to dictate their futures and they refused to be subjected to organizations that didn’t fit the visions they had for their careers.

If I were the Clemson star, I would make a move similar to the one of Eli Manning. Get out of college and make sure you can collect your coins while also forcing the franchise that drafted you to put you in a better situation.

The cards are in Lawrence’s hands, he can control his football destiny.

He shouldn’t butt-fumble it up by going to New York.

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