Business is Boring: The Christchurch mum getting people moving in the morning

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In this week’s episode, host Simon Pound meets Lisa Fong (aka Move It Mama) whose Facebook Live workouts have found a loyal – and huge – audience worldwide.

Nearly every morning, thousands of people around New Zealand and the world start their day with a workout led by a mum of four boys from her Christchurch lounge. Lisa Fong leads these short, sharp, 20-minute workouts over Facebook Live on her iPhone.

The friendly, inclusive approach to accessible workouts at only $10 a month has seen her business boom. Move It Mama is now a worldwide success, with a great community behind it – just the kind of positive realness we could all do with a bit more of.

Lisa joined Business is Boring over Zoom from Christchurch this week to talk fitness, the journey, lifting people up, and the importance of keeping it real.

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