14 Gifts for Xbox Owners (2020): Games, Controllers, Headsets, and More

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December 15, 2020
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The new Xbox Series S and X have incredibly fast read and write speeds that tear up even normal SSD drives you can buy. To get an expansion that can load your games as quick as you expect, you’ll want the Seagate Storage Expansion Card. It’s specifically designed to fit in a slot on the Xbox. This upgrade is especially vital if you own a Series S, since it comes with only 512 GB of storage. Sadly, by the time you upgrade, you’ll have spent more than you would have getting a Series X.

★ Xbox One owners: This 4-TB hard drive is made to plug right into the Xbox One via USB 3.0 and can hold 100 or so games. It doesn’t need a power cable, making it convenient to plug and play or to carry to a friend’s house. If you don’t need 4 TB, there are smaller storage options to choose from for less.

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