I’m literally eating my words after saying the Seahawks would beat the Giants

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I learned long ago that you should never make bold proclamations on the internet. I also learned I’m very bad at listening to my own advice. So, when I said last week that I’d print out my claim the Giants would never beat the Seahawks and eat it, I made a bad, bad choice.

Plenty of people have eaten their words before. It’s not like this is a new thing — however, I didn’t feel like just eating paper really did justice to properly honor New York. So, I decided to blend it up into some cream cheese, spread it on a bagel, and eat it that way. It might have ruined cream cheese bagels for me.

Here are some things I learned during the process:

  1. Paper doesn’t blend well.
  2. You need an abundance of glue-like food to make it spreadable.
  3. I should have used a blender, not my food processor.
  4. Don’t use foods you enjoy and make them terrible for the joy of the internet.

Congrats Giants, you broke me. Have a great day. I won’t be having a good one.

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