Losing Len Kasper to the Sox might be hardest blow for Cubs fans

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Len Kasper, left, interviews Theo Epstein at Cubs’ World Series parade in 2016.

Len Kasper, left, interviews Theo Epstein at Cubs’ World Series parade in 2016.
Screenshot: NBC Chicago

The Chicago Cubs take another hit.

Theo Epstein walks.

Jon Lester is gone.

Kyle Schwarber sent on his way.

And well, one of the only good things left, play-by-play man Len Kasper, will be making the move to the South Side.

Cubs fans have been having it rough of late.

The popular Cubs announcer has decided to join the radio booth for the Chicago White Sox games on ESPN 1000, throwing a complete monkey wrench into how Cubs fans listen to games. Kasper will replace Ed Farmer, who died earlier this year.

Many Cubs fans rightfully feel the franchise is in dumpster-fire mode. And before their 2016 World Series Championship, most baseball fans felt that way anyway.

Marquee Sports Network, a part of Sinclair broadcasting network, was started by the Cubs franchise this year. They have exclusive broadcasting rights to all Cubs games stripping fans of the ability to watch games for free. Sinclair is so reviled as a right-wing propaganda network that fans booed Tom Ricketts when he mentioned them.

Games are no longer on WGN, nor Comcast, NBC Sports Chicago, so this is also piling on to fans’ frustrations with the team.


They are somewhat of a venerated franchise, the lovable losers, and any expectations of winning for a long time were nonexistent.

As some Cubs fans say, they were “cursed”

So looking at this from that perspective, they are returning to the team of old, right?

Kasper, 49, spent 16 years in the booth as the TV voice of the Cubs. He called some of the biggest plays in Cubs history, including that World Series win. He has shared the booth with Jim Deshaies for the past eight seasons.

Kasper began his broadcasting career on radio in Milwaukee, hosting a daily sports show. He later went on to do TV on-camera work for the Brewers before becoming a TV announcer for the Miami Marlins.

He was the National Sports Media Association’s Illinois Sportscaster of the Year in 2016.

Chris Myers is rumored to be taking Kasper’s Cubs broadcasting spot with the newly launched Marquee Network.

Uhhh, you guys couldn’t pick anyone else besides another old white guy?

But I digress. Knowing a little bit about how these broadcast jobs work, the timing of Kasper’s departure could be an insult to injury fluke.

Yes, the Cubs have had a rough year. The franchise is sliding backward, but if Kasper wanted a new gig with some promise, this White Sox announcer gig is certainly his shot.

As the Cubs struggle, the White Sox are getting their act together. Sure they have a corpse for a new manager in Tony LaRussa, but they have a solid core of young players who make for exciting baseball.

So yes, it’s difficult to hear that he is leaving, but this might be a career move for Kasper, and that has nothing to do with the Cubs organization — dumpster fire that they may be.

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