Nope, that wasn’t Matt Patricia’s burner account going in on Matthew Stafford

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The mysterious “EddyPLionsFan” account was not former coach Matt Patricia.

The mysterious “EddyPLionsFan” account was not former coach Matt Patricia.
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So, that Matt Patricia burner account is claiming that it isn’t Matt Patricia.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, it looks as though that’s the case. A 20-year-old Los Angeles Rams fan named Dylan Cardwell was the mastermind behind the fake burner.

“I was curious to see how easily it would be for someone to make a burner account for someone famous. And as I found out, it’s pretty easy with a little planning,” Cardwell said in an interview.

Honestly, hats off to you, Cardwell. Well played. With about five seconds of research on Wikipedia, he created a handle and a bio that not-so-subtly hinted at now-former Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia. After satirically commenting on tweets by Detroit Lions beat writers, he certainly got himself noticed.

Apparently, Matt Patricia is not subtweeting to defend himself and rip on the Lions, which is mildly disappointing for all of us. 

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