NFL expert picks for Week 13 slate of games

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We’re heading down the home stretch of this bizarre season, and at this point we should be fairly certain who will win or lose, but then just when you think it’s all figured out the Falcons blow out the Raiders and prove that nothing is how it seems.

That said, there are a lot of games this week that look, at least on paper, like total locks. In five games the panel is unanimous on who will win, and today we’ll break those “locks” down, and see if there’s a chance for an upset.

First off we have Minnesota beating Jacksonville. There is no way anyone had a lot of belief in the Vikings a few weeks ago, but lighting a fire under the team has caused everyone to respond. Make no mistake: They’re not a perfect team at all, but Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer are responding to the pressure placed on them and performing well. In many ways the team’s win over Carolina was a catalyst for the newfound faith. For three quarters basically everything went wrong for the Vikings, and they managed to come back and win.

Miami and Cincinnati would have been a really fun game between two of the best rookie quarterbacks, but the wind got taken out of the sails of this one with Joe Burrow’s injury. Now the Dolphins are in the driver’s seat of this one, and it’s hard to believe this is going to be competitive. The Bengals showed a lot of heart against the Giants, but yeah … that’s the Giants.

The next unanimous pick is a game that might not happen for a while, fun! As it stands the Steelers are set to face the Washington Football Team, with the undefeated Steelers being everyone’s pick. That said, what is going to happen here? There’s no clear time when Pittsburgh will play their game against Baltimore, with new information coming in seemingly every day — so there’s a good chance we might need to push this one.

Finally, we have the New York Giants seeing their improbable success end abruptly by hitting head-first into the Seahawks. I’ll print this article out and eat it if Seattle somehow blows this one, so I’m hoping that Russell Wilson and co can lift their game a little bit so I don’t need to eat paper. I’m generally against the idea of eating paper.

Our experts are picking Saints over Falcons, Vikings over Jaguars, Titans over Browns, Bears over Lions, Steelers over Washington, Colts over Texans, Raiders over Jets, Seahawks over Giants, Cardinals over Rams, Patriots over Chargers, Packers over Eagles, Chiefs over Broncos, Ravens over Cowboys, Bills over 49ers

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