Lewis Hamilton, arguably the best driver in the world, tests positive for COVID-19

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis Hamilton, the LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, and Amanda Nunes of Formula One auto racing, tested positive for COVID-19 and by putting his December in doubt, he may miss the rest of 2020. Because of his positive test, Hamilton is already guaranteed to miss the Sakhir Grand Prix this Saturday in Bahrain. Speculation has already begun regarding who will take over the Sakhir GP for Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton took to Twitter to express his disappointment earlier this morning, saying that he’s devastated, and that his positive test arrived despite persistently taking the proper precautions. Though, luckily for him, his symptoms are mild.

Hamilton says he’s immediately gone under self-isolation for 10 days in hopes of returning before the end of the year.

A seven-time World Drivers’ Champion, Hamilton has already been in the midst of a landmark career year despite all of his previous success. Even during a summer long outcry using his platform to fight for racial equality, Hamilton went as far as to shake the F1 table, criticizing their lack of a presence. In September, Hamilton informed his 20 million + Instagram followers that he won’t stop fighting for the cause.

“I want you to know that I won’t stop, I won’t let up, I won’t give up on using this platform to shed light on what I believe is right. This is a journey for all of us to come together and challenge the world on every level of injustice, not only racial,” he said.

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