US election: Celebrities react to Biden victory, first woman vice president

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November 7, 2020
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November 7, 2020

Celebrities shared emotional reactions to the news that not only had Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in the US election, but that the country would have its first female vice president in Kamala Harris.

Lady Gaga, who sang at a Biden campaign event a few days before Tuesday’s election day, shared on Twitter that both Biden and Harris “just gave the world one of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery has ever seen”.

In a Tweet a few hours later, she begged President Trump, who has yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory, to concede.

“Please do your part in a peaceful transition of power so our transition can be peaceful too,” she wrote.

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Beyoncé congratulated Biden and Harris on Instagram, celebrating the moment by posting photos of a young Harris and Biden to her Instagram account.

Harris’s mother is from India and her father from Jamaica, making her the first Black person and person of South-East Asian descent, as well as the first woman to serve as vice president.

Basketball player LeBron James posted an edited image on Twitter of Biden slam dunking over Trump.

James also gave a shout out to Philadelphia, the major city in Pennsylvania, which was the state that pushed Biden over the 270 electoral college votes he needed to secure the presidency.

American singer Miley Cyrus tweeted “Now THIS is a PARTY IN THE USA!”, alluding to her 2012 hit song Party in the USA.

Since the Biden victory was announced, the song has become an anthem for supporters and re-entered the charts.

Model Chrissy Teigan tweeted that she had unhooked her bra in relief after a nail-biting few days as the results hung in the balance since Tuesday’s election day.

She later posted a photo on Instagram of her with the vice president-elect.

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