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November 4, 2020
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November 4, 2020

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Because there’s literally nothing going on today, no events worth reading about, no news cycles that feel like you’ve fallen into an endless pit — we wanted to give you something to do! Scroll through some of our team’s picks for good videos to kill time to. Maybe you’ll learn something, feel entertained, fulfill a sense of wonder, but most importantly you’ll not have to worry about what you’re focusing on.

If you’re truly adventurous, feel free to just scroll through the library yourself to find something new/up your alley/long enough to make the day fly by.

Will Buikema: If I’m looking to kill time, I want to have something wash over me that has zero consequences on anything that I actually have interest in. A good story, nothing about the teams I care about, something that lets me zone out and let the storyteller hold my hand through the video. Baby wants to be lazy.

My pick for doing that would be the Beef History episode about Vince Carter and the city of Toronto. Did I know they had beef before Seth told me they did? Nope! But I suddenly had to know more.

Amount of day consumed: 1/48th

Kofie Yeboah:

Fumble Dimension is perfect for days like this. The one I’d recommend is our golf course episode. It’s simply an hour of us playing the worst golf course our fans could think of. Simple as that.

Jiazhen Zhang:

If I am looking to kill some time myself, I look for something fun. And this episode of Beef History between two of the most fun characters in NBA history certainly meets the criteria. When two playful and strong personalities both claim to be Superman and collide, you just know it’d make an epic, tastefully petty beef war.

Joe Ali

Today seems like a great day to escape to another time, and Rewinder is the perfect series for that. One of my favorite episodes breaks down “Malice at the Palace.” That brawl is just so etched into everyone’s mind, but understanding the moments that led up to the fight, and knowing the aftermath that it had on the NBA, this video really paints a picture of just how nuts that night was. Plus anytime Hawks legend Rasheed Wallace gets a shout out, it’s must watch material.

Ryan Simmons

Okay, maybe it’s not the ideal day to hear a story about someone who should have won it all after a long and otherwise successful career but didn’t. On the flip side, I think Untitled is one of our most mature and engrossing series, and the pilot episode we did on Charles Barkley is a good place to start if you want your mind to slip away for a little while in between bouts of anxious dry heaving.

Keep in mind these are just our humble suggestions. There are plenty of other options to dive into. One final, non-YouTube option for you: we just finished playing Among Us and Kofie streamed it. If you want, you can check out the two-and-a-half hours of backstabbing fun right here.

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