Dan Mullen is right back to being an unbearable jerk

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November 2, 2020
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Dan Mullen did what he does best. He made it all about himself.

Dan Mullen did what he does best. He made it all about himself.
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The big takeaway from No. 10 Florida’s 41-17 rout of Missouri on Saturday night was that Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is a buffoon.

Last week, when Dallas quarterback Andy Dalton was knocked into next month on a late hit that got Washington Football Team linebacker Jon Bostic ejected from the game, McCarthy’s reaction was anger… at his own team for not exacting a pound of flesh to show that they were a real team of real men or whatever.

“We speak all the time about playing for one another and protecting each other,” McCarthy said after his team, which should talk more about occasionally tackling someone, lost 25-3. “So, definitely it was probably not the response you would expect.”

What is the response you would expect? That brings us to Gainesville, where Mizzou defensive lineman Trajan Jeffcoat put a cheap shot on Gators quarterback Kyle Trask after Trask threw a Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

Trask was able to get right back up and stay in the game, but Florida showed what McCarthy meant by “playing for one another and protecting each other” by starting a huge brawl.

Great job with the whole social distancing thing, and remembering why this game happened on Saturday: because Florida’s COVID-19 outbreak postponed it from last week. That included coach Dan Mullen, who got a shout-out during the fracas from the broadcast booth.

“I think that’s what Dan Mullen was trying to do, was prevent any one of his players from doing something stupid.”


“This is absolutely the last thing that Dan Mullen wanted for his ball club, going into the Cocktail Party [against Georgia] next week.”

No, in fact, Mullen was busy accosting the referees over the initial hit having gone unpenalized, then playing to the crowd as he finally left the field for halftime.

Then, Mullen showed up to his postgame press conference dressed as Darth Vader.

Completely normal stuff from a guy who, before he got coronavirus, was suggesting Florida should be allowed to have 90,000 fans in its stadium. Then, last week, he actually got something right, saying that Election Day should be a holiday… but only in the context of, well, if they can have classes, why can’t I have my football practice, which is obviously way more important?

Maybe Mike McCarthy can find a job coaching in the SEC after he’s inevitably fired by the Cowboys. The kind of escalating response that he was seeking from Dallas was on full display there Saturday night, and rather than be chastened by having lost control of his team to the point that he had two players get ejected and others risk suspension for their biggest game of the year, Mullen acted like a poorly-written WWE valet. That seems way more fun than working for Jerry Jones, at least.

Plus, Mullen is the coach of a team that’s poised to move up in the rankings after No. 6 Oklahoma State’s home loss to Texas. That is, until next week when they face Georgia, with who knows how much disciplinary action from the SEC impacting their already-slim hopes against the national title-contending, fifth-ranked Bulldogs.

Steve Cohen hasn’t officially taken over as owner of the Mets yet, so shutting down their minor league instructional camp because of positive COVID-19 tests marks a fitting final hurrah for the Wilpon era.

Related question: why are minor league instructional camps happening, in Florida, in the middle of a pandemic? At least the stupid season that MLB had made some sense as a desperate grab for TV money.

The Pirates declined Chris Archer’s contract option, but the Rays haven’t won a World Series since trading him to Pittsburgh for Austin Meadows, Tyler Glasnow, and Shane Baz, so who’s really to say who won that deal?

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