Cam Newton is just good enough to break your heart

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November 1, 2020
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Cam Newton’s fumble secured the game for the Bills.

Cam Newton’s fumble secured the game for the Bills.
Screenshot: CBS

After nearly two decades of not just expecting. but knowing, all the right plays at all the right times, it must be a crash equivalent to falling from orbit for Patriots fans to see the exact wrong thing happen at the exact wrong time.

Cam Newton, who has been open about playing for his job, made a couple nifty runs to get the Pats into chipshot field-goal range to tie the game with Buffalo, but the Pats were thinking about the endzone to win it. The only thing the Pats and Newton had to do was hold onto the ball. A turnover is literally the only thing they couldn’t have, and at least overtime would be theirs.

Apparently, Cam never read Icarus.

The loss gives the Bills the driver’s seat to the AFC East title, the first time the division will reside anywhere but Foxboro in four boring Radiohead albums. The Pats are 2-5, knowing the confusion and pain and the cold they’ve escaped but we all have lived with for 18 years.

This is what Cam does, lures you win like a fairytale which with the promise of goodies and treasures and hand-sanitizer touchdown celebrations before it all disappears at the very last moment. He’ll show you Valhalla and then crash the ship on the rocks before reaching it. You’ll feel the warmth of salvation upon your skin before the icy tides immerse you.

Same as it ever was.

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