Daryl Morey got a new job, but he still hasn’t addressed his Hong Kong tweet

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Daryl Morey was scooped up by the 76ers just days after stepping down from his post with the Rockets.

Daryl Morey was scooped up by the 76ers just days after stepping down from his post with the Rockets.
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Daryl Morey is Teflon.

It’s the only way to explain how the person that tipped over the first domino of the NBA’s most chaotic season ever was able to get another job just 13 days after leaving his last one.

The Sixers are bringing Morey in to clean up the mess that is Philadelphia. Elton Brand is staying on as General Manager, for now. And Doc Rivers was brought in as the new head coach, amongst other recent front office changes.

Time will tell if this will turn out to be a good move by the Sixers, or whether more changes are on the way.

But what we do know for certain is that Morey still hasn’t said a single word about what he did a little over a year ago. Because On October 4, Morey tweeted six words that crushed the NBA’s relationship with China.

“Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong.”

Since that day, the NBA has been doing everything to get back in China’s good graces. It was too much money to leave on the table, as no other country on this Earth loves the NBA more than China except the United States.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that China started broadcasting NBA games again when they decided to air Game 5 of the Finals.

Back in January, it looked like Morey’s tweet would cost the league between $150 million and $200 million, with salary cap projections falling to $113 million.

Today, NBA teams are hearing that the cap won’t fall below $109 million, as much of that has to do with the coronavirus.

Daryl Morey dodged a bullet.

I told you he was Teflon.

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